Dr Jessie Askew has been a chiropractor across bayside since she completed her Masters in Clinical Chiropractic in 2010, where she graduated with distinction. She has since completed many postgraduate hours studying paediatric development and pregnancy care. Her approach to health and wellbeing is very holistic as she believes that care should focus on the whole person ­– both inside and out.

Dr Jessie received her first adjustment as a child and has been receiving regular chiropractic care ever since. Thus for the past 15 years, she has been passionate about enhancing family’s overall health and lifestyle. Dr Jessie is committed to providing care for the whole family, which means people of all ages. She has worked for many years with newborns and children, and has obtained a special touch and appreciation for the formative years of life where the foundations of health are built.


Dr Somala Jacobs had her first chiropractic adjustment as an infant and has been under chiropractic care ever since. Experiencing first hand the incredible impact chiropractic has had on her own health as well as the health of her family, Dr Somala was inspired to become a chiropractor herself.

Dr Somala views health as multi-faceted and recognises that there are physical, chemical and emotional aspects that contribute to our overall wellbeing. Prior to completing her double degree in Chiropractic and Health Science at RMIT where she graduated with distinction, she studied Clinical Nutrition for which she holds a diploma and also became a Certified Health Coach. 


Dr Somala’s goal and passion as a chiropractor is to facilitate her patients health goals through various treatment techniques as well as educating and working together with her patients to achieve those goals. Different techniques allow Dr Somala to tailor make each treatment to meet her patients where they are at, to move forward in their wellness journey. 


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